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copywriter and content creator

Connecting brands and people through writing

It's all about writing

Not all content is good, but all good content is king.

Performance marketing

Lead-generating content that brings brand awareness and new opportunities.

Relationship marketing

Content that strengthens brand values ​​and increases customer loyalty.

Digital Presence

Content to establish a presence on social media.

People recomend...

Courage and thirst for knowledge defines Lori. Organized, determined and accomplishing. She intelligently plans what needs to be done and does it with quality. In a team, she is the person who balances with patience. Let’s go together Lori, performing and learning every day!
Mario Soma
It was a very rich experience, with exchanges and sharing of ideas. One of the points that caught our attention was her commitment and seriousness with the work that was being developed.
Danielle Santana
Work done with great professionalism, with very clear rules and deadlines met! There are few professionals in the market with this commitment and seriousness!
Rosely Scheffer

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